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계엄군도 광주 5.18의 피해자라는 말이 헛소리인 이유
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  • 2022-01-25 (화) 18:31

    출처는 링크에 달린, 영화 화려한 휴가의 도청 집단발포 씬에 달린 한 댓글.

    I lived in South Korea from 1973 to December of 1980. I taught English there after doing my stint as an Army broadcaster at AFKN radio / TV in Seoul. I saw all this stuff happen. Don't believe the "200" dead figure that is given. It is more like 2,000 at the hands of the "Special Warfare Brigade" and other units. Other villages and towns tried to send help to the rebels by city busses. Many of these were shot to pieces by helicopter gunships on the road from Mokpo. Korea had no WMD's but they did have their "Special Warfare Brigades" that were designed to parachute into a city and kill every thing that crossed their path. Kwangju was a city of about 600,000 in 1980. Jimmy Carter gave strong man Gen. Chun Do Hwan the green light (a structure left over from the Korean War until 1993). American troops took their place on the DMZ and the Korean troops dropped in and started killing students and demonstrators in Kwangju and other cities in Cholla South Province. In some cases, the horrified policemen simply handed over their WWII vintage carbines to the rebels! The Korean Army had M-16's. There was a tank factory (M-113's) in Kwangju. Some workers drove one into a police armory wall and started handing out weapons and ammo. Some cops just unlocked their armories for them. Today, we would call "Operation Fascinating Vacation" a "Military Riot". Even with no 2nd Amendment, (They are an unarmed populace in Korea), to try to destroy a city of over half a million with only 3,000 suicide troops did not really work out. They kicked out the Army and for about 10 days created their "own republic" on the very tip end of Korea. They fed people, gave them medical care, kept them informed by loud speakers mounted on captured jeeps and prepared for the counter attack that was coming. It only lasted 10 days or so.  Note that for a little while, Korea was divided into THREE parts. North Korea, South Korea and Cholla Nam Doh (About 1/4 of South Korea's land mass). We Americans have 9-11. The South Koreans have 5-18. They re-enact the Massacre every year. Do they do this for 200 people? Nope. It was more like a couple thousand who died in Kwangju, the surrounding villages and off shore islands such as Wan-Do and others. This figure is not admitted to.  It still haunts me to this day.
    저 동영상에서 본인이 겪은 광주 5.18의 참상을 댓글로 직접 증언하시는 분은 Don Shively라는 분인데, 1973년부터 1980년 12월까지 서울에서 AFKN 라디오/TV 보도원으로 활동하셨습니다.
    페이스북 계정도 가지고 계신데, 페이스북 프로필에 따르면 Glasgow, Kentucky - 켄터키 주 글래스고 출신. 
    페이스북 계정명도 같은 걸 보니 아무래도 Don Shively라는 이름이 실명으로 보임.
    이 분이 단 여러 가지 댓글들 중에서 가장 주목할 만한 댓글은 이거.

    I agree. Because of what I saw with my own "round eyes", I had to spend 47 days in Suweon Prison, locked in a closet sized room with a shit hole at one end to prove it. I WAS one of those victims. We fled in a taxi that took a wrong turn and was met with 50 calibre machine gun fire. It killed the driver, the front passenger and spun that little Pony car around on four flat tires in a spray of gasoline. It sounded like being inside a metal trash can being hit with baseball bats! Have you ever been shot at?  We climbed out the back window, unhurt amid the smell of deadly fuel. Two ROK troops followed us laughing. Stole my Nikon, $2000 US in currency and tried to rape my wife. If I had not claimed to be a news reporter for the Associated Press (in Korean, yes, I spoke it as well in 1980) it would have happened. We had to be smuggled out of Cholla province, through the military lines by the Student Government of Kwangju in a pig crate covered in radishes! You Koreans eventually won. Be proud to be a Korean. I actually smile with pride when I see a Hyundai or KIA car drive by. I am proud of Korea! I used to work for both of those companies. Why can't you be proud also?
    요약 :
    계엄군 인간 쓰레기들이 12.7mm 50구경 기관총까지 동원해 Don Shively 씨와 아내(이분 다른 댓글에 따르면 한국인임)가 탄 택시에 총격을 가하는 막장짓을 저질렀고 그 결과로 택시 운전수와 앞좌석에 탄 승객 사망. 고장난 택시에서 가까스로 탈출에 빠져 나온 글쓴이와 아내를 보면서 두 명의 계엄군 싸이코패스들이 실실 웃으며 다가오더니, Don Shively씨의 니콘 카메라 및 소지금까지 약탈한 것도 모자라 Don Shively씨의 아내분까지 강간하려고 함. 글쓴이는 한국어로 자신이 기자라고 신분 알려서 화를 넘김.
    도대체 저런 천하의 개XX들도 전두환과 하나회의 피해자라고 맨 처음 얘기 꺼낸 건 어디 사는 누구인지 모르겠다. 죽인 규모만 적을 뿐이지 완전히 사고회로하고 행동 양식이 제3제국 나치 친위대(SS)하고 일본 제국군하고 동급인데?
    참고로 Don Shively씨가 저 증언을 답글로 붙인 유튜브 유저의 댓글 내용 :
    A ROK Army and Special Forces in 1980 Gwangju 
    = NAZI SS in World War 2 (Especially, i can compare with the Einsatzgruppen)
    = Imperial Japanese Army in World War 2
    = Serbian Assholes in Yugoslavian War 
    1980년 광주 계엄군  
    = 2차대전 나치 친위대 (그 중에서도 아인자츠그루펜(주 : 나치 인종청소 학살 전담부대))
    = 2차대전 일본제국 일본군 육군 
    = 유고슬라비아 내전 세르비아 쓰레기들
    * This war of Mine 하신 분들은 아시겠지만 게임에서도 민간인들 보이는 대로 쏘고 다니는 저격수들 있죠? 실제로 세르비아인 저격수들(정규군이나 민병대 저격수나)이 유고 내전 -보스니아 내전- 때 그 짓을 했죠. Sniper Alley(저격수 거리) 라고. 
    실제로 계엄군들도 저격수들 배치해서 시민들 무작위로 저격하고 다녔다는 증언이 있습니다.  
    댓글을 작성하시려면 로그인을 하셔야지만 작성가능합니다. [로그인하기] [회원가입하기]
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