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2017년 07월 17일 1,000,000 - 5,000,000 1.3
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액션 189 3 narwhale 설명글

  • narwhale is a new famous IO game, play against to others in order to be biggest narwhale io gamer.

    Speed up towards the others to attack and kill them with your sharp needle.

    Make your needle longer by killing others' narwhale and be the biggest of ocean arena.
    Try survive as much as you can and be first on leaderboard of this io game.

    No Lag and no performance problem. Smooth gameplay with this new battlefield game.
    You can play narwhaleio action game everywhere (no matter online or offline).

    * No lag.
    * Extremely addictive.
    * Good animations.
    * Easy Joystick control.
    * Best game .io game

    Form the developer of "snail", "insatiable io snakes", " brutal", " for" and "" games.

    Your reviews are valuable for us in order to improve and update needle Narwhale
    We are eager to reply your reviews and develop your wishes.

    Good Luck in this fun arcade game !!!
  • 설명글 더보기 narwhale 동영상 & 스크린샷 narwhale 구글플레이 댓글들

  • 장원준 / ★★★★★

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