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2016년 11월 07일 24M 100,000+ 3.5.1
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Pickaxe 설명글

  • Pickaxe is a free mining game where you have to keep mining until your fingers numb out, tapping your screen in a exciting quest to find the most rare and expensive elements in the universe. All you have to do is just keep tapping your fingers and go deeper and deeper into the rocks. But it’s not just to test your fingers but the actual purpose of this mining is even bigger than what Gold diggers die for. You’ll find some of the rarest and most exciting elements of this whole universe. So expect something that you can’t imagine or define exactly.

    It’s obvious that the more power you put in, the more will be the damage. But a lot depends upon your tool as well. If your pickaxe isn’t strong enough or has a blunt edge, how can you expect it to break the hardest materials in a single shot! As you dig deep into the stones, you’ll find coins and diamonds. You can use these coins to upgrade your tools. You can forge new tools using the resources such as Blacksmith and the more coins you have, the better is the Blacksmith to carve out more powerful tools. You can use these coins to upgrade your Perfect Forge Probability as well. There are many more upgrades available in the shop and they determine the distance you’ll travel below the surface of Earth.

    Pixel Art has been used to design the graphics for this game. Though it doesn’t match the sharpness and High Definition finishing of the present age games, it’s a unique experience when you play such an adventurous game on an old platform. So in this case, the wine is new but the glasses are old and it tastes better this way.

    Pickaxe is free to download and play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money.

    You have to download and play because:

    - It's Free
    - This game is really easy to play, you can control the entire game using only one finger.
    - Support 4 languages (English, Spanish, French and Portuguese).
    - Extremely addictive and easy to pick-up gameplay.
    - Lots of hours of fun.
    - Yes, it's free!
    - Pixel art graphics and friendly user interface.
    - Dynamic sound and music.
    - Mine different ores and gems and be a blacksmith to forge perfect pickaxes.
    - Trophys: Rock, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond.
    - You can craft 50+ types of pickaxes.
    - The best part? It’s completely free!

    Yes, it’s easy to play, just tap your phone to mine the rocks in the search of the most exciting elements in the universe. Accumulate resources and use them wisely in other to acquire more efficient tools.

    Will you become the greatest virtual miner in this galaxy? Prove yourself and start playing Pickaxe.
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Pickaxe 동영상 & 스크린샷

Pickaxe 구글플레이 댓글들

  • inswo / ★★★★★
    Pleaes give me more update Pleaes
  • Starpark / ★★★★★
    Thanks. this broke my hand.
  • 안승민 / ★★★★★
  • Just- Dive / ★★★★☆
    Very addictive
  • 이혈 / ★★★★★
    노잼에반대 ㄱㄱ
  • 송홍선 / ★★★★★
    재미있어요 재미있는데 만렙은 없나요? 파워 5000이 넘었는데 끝이 없어요 그리고 강화 확률좀 올려주세요
  • 조현모 / ★★★★★
    와노잼이다 ㅋㅋ 꾸르잼 꿀잼
  • 김현경 / ★★★★★
    와 노잼.이다니랔ㅋ 굿
  • 김정민 / ★★★★★
    고객이 제미다
  • Jw Kim / ★★★★★
    Good Yeon
  • 백병원프렌즈 / ★★★★★
    ㅅ 잼
  • 99 6 / ★☆☆☆☆
    굳 굳
  • 신민유튜브 / ★★★★★
  • 백승민 / ★★★★★
    아~! 켜지는데 왜 계속 검정색 화면인데!?아~!
  • Jamie Lee Lee / ★★★★★
    Great For kill time
  • 이현용 / ★★★★☆
  • 라묘 / ★★★★★
    와 진짜 재밌당
  • 최동화 / ★★★★★
    ㅗ노보 ㅛ몹
  • 멍멍이사운드 / ★★★★★
    한국말패치좀 한국패치좀한국패치좀한국패치좀한국패치좀한국패치좀한국패치좀한국패치좀한국패치좀한국패치좀한국패치좀한국패치좀
  • JS. You / ★★★★★
    아주좋네요 근데 곡괭이 업그레이드 확률좀 높여주세요. 지금 광고만10번째 보고있어요
  • Google 사용자 / ★★★★★
    이게임은광부만을위한게임 광부를하면힘들구나
  • em R / ★★★★★
    굿노가다ㅋ 노가다하면서깨닳았는데다이아몬드캐려면엄청걸리네요ㄷㄷ그리고벌써철곡ㄷㄷ진짜쉬워요~★
  • 김수희 / ★★★★★
    과연 저는 다깨는대 얼마나걸리려낭 한번열띠미 달려보겠습니뙁~^^~
  • 르유 / ★★★★★
    왕 총12번째인데총10시간에통과 대박 처음엔 4일 걸렸는데 계속하니까12번째에10시간에 통과했네요대박 재밋어요 즐겜

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