Beat Maniac LITE: Rhythm Game


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2014년 09월 22일
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Beat Maniac LITE: Rhythm Game 설명글

  • Game play is similar to rhythm game Stepmania / Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) or Guitar Hero / Pump It Up (PIU) / Tap Tap Revenge and many other rhythm games - just tap on arrows in the beat rhythm of the music to achieve the best score.

    Dance to virtually unlimited free levels in the download section!
    Questions? Issues? Suggestions? Feel free to write an email to

    * Load your own Stepmania (.sm/.smzip) or Dance With Intensity (.dwi) files supporting
    - DDRMax3 scoring (10M is the highest score + 3x1M for bonuses)
    - Dance-Single game play
    - Stops and BPM changes
    - Roll notes
    - Mines
    - Custom background images
    * Support for Stepmania Announcer packs
    * Global leader boards via Google Play Games
    * Supports Full HD resolution displays (up to 640 PPI)
    * Vibrations
    * Training mode
    * Normal/Reversed mode (Falling/Rising arrows)
    * 3 layouts of in game buttons
    * Landscape and Portrait mode
    * Speed modifiers
    * Dance mat, joystick and keyboard support (via OTG cable or Bluetooth)

    World Charts
    * We deliver the levels for the latest music on top of the chars that are carefully synced and crafted for your best experience!
    * You have to own the mp3 files to play the world chart levels
    * Download the music files from Amazon or 7digital (links provided in game) or use your own grabbed mp3, as long they are the copies of the same song (Sync is guaranteed!)

    Please rate if you like this app!
    Follow us on facebook for latest news about new levels comming!

    Features planned
    * More world chart levels coming

    Demo songs:
    Drive - Remix by Alex Beroza (Beat Maniac theme), see
    C'MON by Analog By Nature, see
    Gangnam Style by PSY!
    Breaking Bad - Remix by MetroGnome, see
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Beat Maniac LITE: Rhythm Game 동영상 & 스크린샷

Beat Maniac LITE: Rhythm Game 구글플레이 댓글들

  • 박수영 / ★★★★★
    LoL! Its notes remind me a game what named 'Pump'. It is a pretty good game. Well, but I think it has some problems, too. I don't know when is perfect timing, and it doesn't move well.
  • Maniacs / ★★★★★
    Very nice This game is awsome
  • 이건희 / ★★★★★
  • Maniacs / ★★★★★
    와우 잼썽
  • 유민주 / ★★★★★
    굳 숟
  • 재은김 / ★★★★★
    ㅋㅋ 왜케ㅠ재미잇어 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • 정기훈 / ★★★★★
    Good.....but Please unlock use my phone music
  • 이경석 / ★★★★★
    조음 개조음
  • 차승현 / ★★★★★
    wow!!!!! good you are good!!!!!!!
  • Maniacs / ★★★★★
    짱짱맨!! 와~~이거 중독성 있어요!!
  • 고병기 / ★☆☆☆☆
    Please don't make the game like this
  • 김중범 / ★★★★★
    한마디로.. 굳.아무말 필요업씀

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